MatriceLAB Innove is a reproduction R&D laboratory created at the end of 2011 by Dr Nathalie Lédée (MD, PhD).

Our ambition is to change the life of many couples confronted with infertility problems by increasing pregnancy rates while reducing the number of IVF/ICSI attempts. We are interested in uterine immune system dysregulation which cause embryo implantation failures. The goal is to propose custom and personalised management of patients in PMA. Our goal is to double the birth rate if immune dysregulation is found, then treated.

Our laboratory benefits from the support of Paris Biotech Santé, an incubator of innovative companies specialised in the development of medicines, medical devices and innovative services which benefit patients.

Our team is composed of

Dr Nathalie LEDEE

OB-GYN and Ph.D. in Living Logic. Dr Nathalie Lédée submitted her scientific thesis in 2004 on unexplained failures in implantation. She led an INSERM research team for “cytokines and the maternal-foetal dialogue” to 2014. Today, she is the director of the start-up MatriceLAB Innove. Dr Lédée splits her time between her activity as an OB-GYN (Director of the AMP Department – Hôpital Pierre Rouquès, Les Bluets) and her innovative activities focused on immunological implantation mechanisms. She interprets test results to adapt and customise therapeutic strategies.


Reproduction immunology research engineer. She supported her thesis in Science in Reproduction and Development in 2010 under the direction of Dr Lédée. She performed all biological testing to 2013. Today, she is responsible for the administrative and financial management of the company.


Engineer specialised in health biology. She joined the team in 2012. She performs all tests (molecular and immunological) on samples.


Engineer specialised in cellular biology. Lucie joined us in 2014. She works with Katia in testing endometrial biopsies, as well as testing for our research projects.

Carole BECHE

BTS Secretary and Office diploma. She has been responsible for part of administrative management since 2018.